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Mar 22 09 6:39 PM

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I start this so that some of you will light a fire under my ass to get the little proa finished. . .of course I'm still in the process of growing the rig in the front yard.

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Mar 22 09 11:48 PM

I have me eye on building a stretched G. Dierking 'Ulua' if i ever finish the Guillemot kayak (after I finish the barn, the aquaponics system, and the mini-greenhouses).  It's such a nice looking boat in cedar.  Check out the work of Ted Hardie from Kona: 

Where's that water coming from?

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Mar 23 09 9:11 AM

Very nice! The proa I'm working on is an asymetrical bottom chine hull wa'apa that I hope to work up as a inexpensive kit boat. We need real working craft on the water and are both cost effective and good performers.

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Mar 24 09 12:05 AM

Jay with an asymetrical hull, does it reverse direction when tacking? 

It'll  be interesting, I'm going to use Dark brown Albesia for paneling in my house.  Gotta find somthing to do with that stuff!  

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