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Aug 7 13 1:35 PM

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A whole heap of questions and ethics in play with this...

Would you eat it?
Is lab grown meat essential to feed the world's omnivores?
If you are vegetarian would you eat it?
A big deal for climate change, consumer choice, cost or simply an expensive experiment?

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Aug 10 13 12:48 PM

I would pass, unless it was a survival situation and no other options presented themselves.  A bigger deal for climate change would be to consider our own population, then reduce it to a level that would remove the demand for this kind of technology.  Technology often solves problems which we have created for ourselves.  A circle unlike that of natural life and death created by the predator/prey relationship which will balance itself over time.  This particular technology seems in somewhat demand due to the way we manage our domesticated animals.  Deforestation for grazing, massive nitrogen runoff from feedlots.  Not to mention the degradation to the animal that can occur through domestication.  Used in certain situations, grazing could be beneficial:

In moderate quantities, animal manures can create a relatively closed fertility loop on your farm or homestead.  Common knowledge.  This in turn can negate the need to dig wells for natural gas just so we can turn it into urea in a factory and then dump it on our land...


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Sep 7 13 2:12 AM

My first impulse was to say no but considering how little I really know about the origins of the meat I eat now, I must admit that the faux meat might not be any worse.  If I really took the bull by the horns I would simply eat less meat.

I tend to agree that this is only treating a symptom.  Any new wonder crop or source of food is only needed because we outgrew the regular sources.  We are only going to outgrow any new sources as well as long as our population keeps increasing.

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