Jul 14 13 9:18 PM

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Greetings Everyone!

Some of you might remember me, it's David.  Lived on the island for a little more than a year and got kicked off a few years back.  Hahah.  I hope all of you are well!  It's nice to see some familiar names kicking around here!

I found my way to Florida and have been developing a Food Forest on 2.5 acres of land (Jay, you were right about 3 acres being about perfect for someone) and having a blast.  I'm also helping many others in the area on their quest for sustainability.

One thing we can't seem to source here is Ice Cream Bean seeds.  We want to grow it for food and nitrogen fixation within our community.  I know it's prevalent there though!  If anyone would like to sell me some seeds, please hit me up at david@yogahobos.com or message me here.

I wish you all the best!