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Apr 14 13 10:24 PM

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I just got a propane stove a few months ago and just put a 10 gal tank on it. This was the first time I has used the new tanks, any way NO GAS would come out. Went back to the fill station and he told me that the new tanks could not be laid at a angle  they had to be moved up-rite. So he reset the shut off and I came back.  You have to realize that by this time I had walked up and down around and round about 100 times. Still did not work. Time to try a second tank, and it didn't work.
Well time for the inter net The new tanks have one more SAFETY shut off. Turn on the gas very slow as to not make it think the line is broken..
Has any one ever known to have a old tank go bad, blow up or?  Not rust but a because the  tank was laid on its side or turned on to fast????

I now know a few new bad words. "Propane" is now a 4 letter word around here.

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Apr 16 13 9:59 AM

We haven't tried the new bottles . I think we will try to avoid that
"new improved " version.

We did have a valve between the grill and gas bottle go bad.
We had a twenty foot torch ! 

Luckily a fire extinguisher was close by
and cooled it off enough that a brave man could turn off the gas bottle.
We now have a charcoal grill .

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