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Apr 5 13 5:48 PM

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Baby chicks are now  available at Del's and probably at some of the other feed stores.
They have several varieties that come in on Wednesday from the mainland

 If your hens are over two years old you need to buy some new girls 
and send the old ones to freezer camp. Egg production starts downhill after
they are two years old.

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Apr 7 13 9:12 AM

What is the reasoning for limiting the import of ducks to the island? Competition with the nene? Certainly understandable if that's the case. I'm just starting to experiment with ducks as layers/garden patrol. Bought 4 hybrids of a Khaki Campbell called a "Golden 300". Apparently a very good layer. The chickens are pretty much excluded from the garden areas now and kept in the orchard. One too many a ripe veggie lost to the beak. Not so with the month old ducks thus far. After showing them what a yummy thing a baby leopard slug is, they have little to no affinity for young carrot tops. I claim little credit for that, having learned that this is basically their dietary nature. Given some water, they quickly make free liquid fertilizer. Steeping a little char with that makes for great biochar.


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Apr 16 13 11:58 PM

There is a native brown duck that they don't want the imported ducks to interbreed with although personally I think it's already too late for that.

Ducks are great at eating slugs and bugs.  Geese are great for grass and foliage although they will denude a ti hedge.  Chickens are pretty much omnivores and great at scratching things up.  They also eat the bigger bugs like centipedes and small mice which I'm not sure if ducks will eat or not.

I had a pair of Khaki Campbells, great little ducks.  Really prolific egg layers, too.  And they will set and hatch the eggs.  Then you will have a LOT of ducks.  Which are really good with a mashed potato stuffing.

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