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Mar 14 13 2:17 PM

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Aloha Sensibly Simple folks (that seems less flattering than it merits),

Just a gratuitous shout out on occasion of spring blossoms and horny chickens and all that is abundant this time of year! I thought the following post to be sort of edifying:

Net Worth vs. Net Value

Goes pretty good with a healthy dose of poor anyway!

What's springing your way?

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Mar 14 13 8:09 PM

I may have termed my yardbirds overly crass, calling them "horny chickens". As I returned from a p.o. box-run, they were most definitely cuddling in their little fleeting love nest at the base of an 'ohia. Pretty fuckin' endearing... I may have even spotted a mini-chicken-cigarette that they were both taking hits upon in their post-coital bliss. Love is in the air !

Maybe I need to get out more.

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Mar 14 13 11:00 PM

Projection, you say? Could be. The rooster/cocks descended on the yard as my resident Henny was apparently...well, (is chicken/pussy too ...da kine, anthropomorphilogical laidat?) Anyway, I did find myself trying to learn of their intentions as regards Henny, so the responsible father in me could have been projecting..

But seriously folks, the extensive (shit man, can't you just sent something shallow and brief?) and wide-ranging Tesla essay was fascinating, if from no other perspective than purely historical. As befitting his obvious lust for mechanization, I copied and pasted it into the Text app. on my mac so that I could have the nice robot-chap, Alex, read it to me. (And it's still mofo-ing long!)

I took in upon myself to read most of Alexis De Tocqueville's 'Democracy in America' lately. (I seem to go for history in Spring time and that one chronicle's 1830's America in a remarkable way.) I mention that because he also writes about Americans predilection with dreams of Utopia, and I was reminded of that as I considered Tesla's obvious and brilliant passion for "progress". I'm also struck how he, and other "Robots Are Our Future" -types, seemed to have a disregard for the Nemesis that seems to accompany these developments. That is, wherein Tesla considered us humanoids as machines, it seems to me that he may have overestimated his knowledge of humans -- or more accurately, the context (environment) in which humans live -- and nowhere else -- all the way from the planetary ecosystem, to the irreducible human heart. Really I think, another display of our old companion: hubris.

Trippy guy though for sure. Or more importantly, guy who did pretty trippy shit. (I purposely removed esoteric electromagnetic terms from this summation.)

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Mar 15 13 11:59 AM

Flash!!! New information links dorsal area baldness in chickens to cigarette smoking. Oddly, the studies thus far reveal this to be true only for females......

The winter dormancy is coming to an early close up here at 45 north. Indian plum (Oemleria cerasiformis) is in full flower whereas last year at this time it was still leafing out. Wild Miner's lettuce is flowering already. Been munching on that a lot. The Egyptian onions in the garden seem tall for this time. Laymen's phenology...
I've caught (and released most) quite a few sea run Cut throat trout on the Nestucca River. All in all, the coastal rivers seem low and clear. A little evidence of the dry and warm winter.
The chickens are up to 4 eggs a day (out of 5 chickens) whereas last year this time I was getting one. No anthropomorphic projections in mind at the moment, I'll work on it though.


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Apr 3 13 12:13 PM

A little late reading this but better late than never.  Thanks for sharing this.  I especially like this part:

As an alternative to Net Worth, let's start a list of attributes of Net Value:

1. The number of close friendships you have nurtured.
2. The number of people you have mentored.
3. The number of children you've given abundant time to.
4. The number of trees and gardens you've nurtured with your own time and handiwork.
5. The number of practical skills you've acquired and freely shared with others.
6. The time you have spent alone, not in pursuit of work or pleasure but of solitude.
7. The self-directed mastery of difficult disciplines.
8. The number of strangers (foreign visitors, etc.) you have aided or invited into your home without any financial compensation or recognition.

Really gives you something to think about. 

Happy Spring to all of you!!!  Anyone pull any good April Fool's jokes? ;)

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