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Mar 7 13 2:42 PM

Since I had not heard from anyone directly (sorry Buffy, I don't get much time to check the computer) I made an executive decision a couple of days ago to reschedule the class. I don't have a day job, cant find one, and I can't afford to miss a day at the market to give a class, so I'll be doing the market this Saturday instead of the chicken feed class.  I'm not sure the class made the calendar in the paper. I was unable to check. 

I am thinking of teaching it the 30th. Does that work for anyone? I really need about 10 people to make it worth it to miss selling at the market. That would give me enough time to get it in the calendar in the paper. I need Sunday for family and farm projects. I can do it during the week if Saturday doesn't work.

I would have thought I would get some interested folks by listing it in the calendar. Does anyone have any ideas how to get at least 10 people to show up?  I really want to share,'s hard to be a farmer. Time and money are both in short supply.

I am not trying to be flaky or mean. I sincerely want to share this. I humbly ask for suggestions how to make this work.
Aloha, Sherri 
987-3537 (phone sucks so you may have to leave a message but I will call back. Texting works best)

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