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Jan 7 13 10:45 PM

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The flu bug has landed on the Big Island.  If ,when you start to feel bad you begin taking elderberry 
tincture you will avoid the worst of the flu.

You can buy Sambucol at the Health Food stores for about $8 a small bottle.
OR you can make my handy dandy god awful tasting cure. 

Buy a pound of dried black elderberries (probably have to get them online )
wash the berries and pick out any stems 

divide into 4 quart jars (sterilize jars) and cover with  2 cups boiling water each jar
Let sit in a cool dark place for 48 hours 
Strain and squeeze out all the juice.
When you have 7 cups of juice warm it and add  9 cups honey (or 11 cups of sugar0
When that mixture cools add 3 cups of 80 proof vodka
Put it in a dark place

Take 1 tablespoon 2 times a day as a preventive
Take 1 or 2 tablespoon every 4 hours if you get sick.

If you can stand it you can just wash the berries, pour vodka over them
and let them sit in a dark place for a month. Strain and bottle. Will keep for a very long time this way.
I like to use brandy instead of vodka but the shelf life is shorter.

I am not a doctor and have never played one on TV, take at your own risk.
I have been taking it for about 7 years now and have had no side effects.

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