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Dec 23 12 2:29 PM

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I recently had a bad cough as a result of the heavy vog  we had for couple of weeks.
So I  got out my latest concoction  and gave it a try. 

A few months ago I picked 2 quarts of acerola cherries . Washed them and picked the stem off,
made a little cut at the top and THEN covered them in brandy ! A month later I strained the 
cherries and added a little local honey.

It works great on coughs and tastes pretty good too. Warning, overmedicating can
result in a bad headache the next morning.

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Dec 24 12 12:42 AM

I took a homemade winemaking class in HPP a few years ago. Jug, water, sugar, yeast and fruit topped with a balloon for a cheap valve. Maybe $5 tops on cost per gallon. Our brewmaster let us sample all of her flavors and the Surinam Cherry Wine was the unexpected favorite! Warning that this also makes you feel great but can result in morning headache ;)

A fellow pirate took the same class and makes a mean lilikoi wine I call "yum hooch". It sure knocks me on my butt in a tasty way.


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Dec 24 12 11:36 PM

Our instructress is a serious wine maker and found that fleishmans works just fine compared with expensive wine and champagne yeasts. I'll ask Yum Hooch pirate for the recipe. I lost my copy and the teacher had to move off island. We made our wines in the one gallon wine jugs rescued from the glass recycle dumpsters. I still have a few and can bring you one next time I see ya.

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Jan 2 13 12:34 PM

I'd be down for a wine making class party...  I wonder tho... I hear wine like to be between 65-75 temps... Will it do ok down by the ocean in 80-85 temps?  

I suppose no biggie if I had to make a small chiller for 5 gal jug or two!  haha  

I use to make a lot of wine in oregon (mostly plum) wine.   But I haven't secured any 5 gallon glass bottles... anyone know where to get em?  Been searching on CL with out much success. 


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Jan 2 13 11:43 PM

It does work, yes, but won't survive much above about a 5 or 6 percent alcohol wine which will remain quite sweet and not keep very well.


My experience as well.  When shooting for something dryer the little packets of champagne yeast available in larger mainland liquor stores - lots carry brewing supplies, works well.  Still pretty cheap.  Don't know where to find them locally as ethanol and I are sort of incompatible these days.  

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#13 [url]

Jan 8 13 11:12 PM

Brew Hawaii, 126 Keawe Street, Hilo, HI, 96720-2812. Phone: (808) 935-8857. Category: Beer-Homebrewing Equipment & Supplies.
Front of store is party supply store. I made purchase there last week. January 3, 2013.

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Jan 16 13 3:43 PM

Better hurry if you want to go to brew hawaii....going out of business sign in the window.

BTW I make my wines using wild fermentation. The only time I add yeast is when I make Makkoelli (Korean Sake). Anyone interested hit my up. I also use ZERO purchased feed for my chickens, pigs, ducks, sheep. It can be done. I don't even buy fertilizer any more. Again, interested? Hit me up.

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#18 [url]

Jan 23 13 6:32 PM

Good to hear Brew Hawaii is just moving. 

I am practicing Cho Natural Farming. I stopped buying fertilizer and all feed about a year ago. The plant and animal nutrients are fermented. I save the best batches to drink as wine....  

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