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Nov 20 12 1:47 AM

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Hi everyone!  Long time no post, but I finally moved to the island three months ago with my girlfriend Jasmine.  We've been doing work trade with a friend to stay at his place in Kapoho on Papaya Farms Rd, and helping out a taro farmer nearby to learn a bit about tropical farming and get a bunch of tasty food.

We're trying to learn about different areas of the island, so although we like it down here, we want to live for a few months in the Kurtistown/Mountain View area.  Does anyone know of any work-trade or care-taking opportunities?  We're both knowledgeable about permaculture principles and design, both have a lot of experience with temperate gardening and food forests (and increasing our knowledge every day of tropical plants and systems!), and I have some amateur handyman skills from a major remodel of my old house.  We're quiet & clean, reliable and honest, and can provide references.

I hope to get a chance to see some of you again soon, and meet some new folks too!

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Nov 20 12 12:53 PM

Welcome  home Norris ! 
Glad to have you join us , again. 

Work is pretty scarce this time of year.  There is a big orchid farm/ greenhouse 
above Mt View. They might have some work. There are several
ag businesses  in that area:
Plant It Hawaii the tree farm in Kurtistown, there is a daylily farm too,
the Hilo Coffee Mill has coffee trees but I think the picking is over. 
They may be doing some pruning. There are numerous greenhouses along the road to
Volcano . I believe one is hydroponic tomato  place.
I would just stop in and talk to each one.

Also, there are a bunch of Bed n Breakfast places in Volcano . I would 
see if they need help in exchange for a room.

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Nov 21 12 7:38 PM

Hi buffychick,

Thanks for the reply and for the welcome!  I like your idea of checking with Bed & Breakfast places.  I think your ideas for the tree farm, daylily farm, and so on are for cash paying jobs?  For work-trade, I meant places where we can work on a farm or homestead in exchange for staying you think those sorts of commercial operations would have that opportunity?

Thanks again for your ideas!

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