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Dec 6 10 10:03 PM

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You have a facility on the Big Island that enslaves and tortures dolphins.  I'm sure all of you here are aware of the high intelligence and sensitivity of these creatures.   They are not domestic animals that have had thousands of years of adapting to living with humans.  They do not deserve to be in these pens as entertainment for tourists.  Whole pods of dolphins are slaughtered to capture these animals. I hope that some of you here will join the fight to protect dolphins and cetaceans in general from the deprecations of less sensitive members of our species.  Friends don't ;et friends patronize dolphin shows.  Please do what you can to put  pressure on Waikoloa and Dolphin Quest.

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Dec 7 10 3:16 PM

And to really underscore how completely moronic this is...there frequently is (as in almost always) a very large pod of spinner dolphins hanging out near the entrance to Honokohau Marina.  Ironically this is just a few miles down the road from the Hilton.  

These spinners are far more interesting to watch in a somewhat natural environment.  They generally have a few youngsters around that they're teaching to jump and spin.  If you're willing to get into the water, they'll interact with you with the same level of curiosity they'd treat a new toy in the water.

I'm sure this can't be anywhere as good as the captive dolphin experience since there isn't anyone in the background making a buck off of it.

Rant over,


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Dec 10 10 9:11 PM

I've hung out and watched the dolphins there at Dolphin Quest. They looked like a pretty happy bunch to me (even after hours). I get the impression they really enjoy the human interaction.

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Dec 11 10 9:43 AM

With all due respect, you completely miss the point.  I am ashamed to say before I knew anything about this subject I visited the place and felt the same way.  Before you comment more on this subject I urge you to do some research, including the seeing the documentary "The Cove", and reading about the captive dolphin and whale programs at the Sea Shepherd site and other sites not involved in making a profit from these wild and sentient animals.  Whole dolphin families are slaughtered to capture the right animal for programs such as dolphin quest. Of course the captive dolphins are happy to have interactions with any living beings, being incarcerated as they are, but they would much rather be at play in the ocean with their own tightly knit families and social groups. (Your statement is like saying people prefer a regular jail cell to solitary confinement!)
While you are doing your research on this subject I also suggest you listen to "People Got A Lotta
Nerve"  by Neko Case.

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